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About us


Our Story

We were inspired to create Meraki after seeing first-hand how improving someone’s quality of life has a profound impact for individuals, families and communities. 

From our work with Extreme Fitness Club, a non-profit dedicated to educating children and teens via fitness programs to TrainSmart where we curate personalized classes and events, it’s our desire to help people of all ages enjoy total well-being.

We believe that when you empower people to enjoy a healthier, more inspired lifestyle - mind, body and spirit - it transforms how they interact within the world and inspires them to live a life they love. 

Inspired well-being comes when you do what you are destined to do with love and aloha. It’s dedication and perseverance, integrity, love and unselfishness. These qualities that are deep inside us, are the founding values of Meraki. They’re the driving force in everything that we do.  



Melissa Lum

Having managed commercial real estate everywhere from Hawaii to New York...

Randy Morris

With more than 25 years of fitness training and experience in Hawai’i...